Sunday, 23 October 2016

Moving Home

cottage Inworldz
Our New Home on the Charlesworth Estates
Long time no blog! Ayesha and I picked a bad time to move our virtual home, as we haven't had time at all to look at the wonderful Fall Fest Sims enhancing Inworldz at the moment. Luckily there is a little more time left to see everything.

As is often the case, real life and virtual are connected, and a change of finances meant we had to think hard about our spending limits inworld. I was off on a trip with my family, and Ayesha had a busy few weeks coming up, so the sensible idea, was to give notice on our sim rental, and sort out a smaller alternative when we'd had more time to think.

That was the logical plan. Again, the connections between real and virtual emerged, this time on an emotional level. Half an hour before I had to log off my pc, pre-trip, I found myself flying like a crazy woman round a half rezzing world, suddenly desperate to put down roots again. Too many changes, too quickly and I needed a home!

Ayesha was asleep half way round the world, and discussion was impossible. Then I remembered the beautiful cottages at Monkswood I visited back in May . Part of the Charlesworth Estates, many plots were cute wee cottages, offering budget rentals. I skipped down south, only to find that the sim was under redevelopment and was now underwater, oh no!

charlesworth estates, Inworldz
Old furniture, new home!
Then I spotted one of the cute cottage designs that I remembered, tucked away on the corner of a nearby Island. With only ten minutes to my deadline, I sent a message and was lucky enough to catch landlady, Cherry, just as she logged in. "Don't worry it's yours!"

 I have never felt so relieved to hit 'Set Home to Here'. Later that day I got a message via my tablet that Ayesha loved the new place, and had also set her home. Despite both our very sensible plans she was also relieved to have somewhere to belong. Phew!

Our previous sim, the Isle of Rum is currently available for rental . It is a lovely spot, with a great Landlord and friendly neighbours, and access via Magellan waters to the IW ocean, so great for sailors. It has been sad to leave, and we hope someone will enjoy the spot as much as we have.