Friday, 23 September 2016

Virtual horse riding in Inworldz

Inworldz horse riding
Yaquina Bay Inworldz
 I have been meaning to try virtual horse riding ever since rejoining Inworldz, especially as many sims advertise bridleways open to visitors.

 Unlike many vehicles, horses are a 'wearable'. This means you don't need rezzing rights, and can ride anywhere you might walk, which makes this hobby very flexible.

I chose a John Mahogany creation from Shenandoah-Wildlife&Fisheries. I'm not sure why for an english woman, but the western equipped saddle version felt appealing.

Inworldz horse
Our home the Isle of Rum Inworldz
 This horse comes with the name Joker, but I'm calling him Erasmus! Virtual animals of all kinds are very popular in Inworldz, from leaping dolphins to fireside kitties, another way to spark your imagination. Especially, if like me, life in a real saddle feels a bit too bumpy these days.