Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Back in Inworldz after soaking my monitor!

pirate inworldz
Wyre Islands Inworldz
Last week I clumsily tipped a glass of water over my pc unit. Thankfully the tower unit stayed dry, the keyboard was soaked, but perversely seems to be working better now. Several sticky keys have unstuck :)

My monitor did not prosper though, despite surviving for a day after the incident. Maybe some water worked itself into the power switch.

Ebay to the rescue! It is always a concern buying used technology, but my new screen eventually arrived, and after working through the menus, and switching away from the glarey purple colour scheme preferred by previous owner, I am back inworld, and very grateful for that!

Swamp Inworldz
Wyre Islands Inworldz
I quickly celebrated by indulging in an afternoon of Island hopping, winding up in the beautiful pirate themed Wyre Islands to the North of Inworldz's navigable ocean.