Sunday, 17 July 2016

Prettifying and recycling in Inworldz

Inworldz ocean views
View from the cottage porch
New owners have created a quad sim diagonally opposite us,  so now we have a view east and some extra waterways to play in!

Of course we being being able to look out means our new neighbours have a distant view back, and this was enough to encourage some prettifying up of a somewhat neglected back corner.

I'm not in favour of off-sim add ons for semi-connected sims like ours, as it feels like intruding into others visual space. So this meant we had some unusable landscape items tucked away in inventory from our 'far flung ocean' days. Many of these are very scenic, and I was interested to see if any could be recycled.

Inworldz isle of Rum
Isle of Rum, Inworldz
 One of my favourites was a four waterfall off-tropical sim island, only really viewable from one direction. Could it be adapted into a temperate zone inland cliff?

I was delighted to find out that the build was modifiable, and slightly nervous to discover that it was no copy!

I deleted  palm trees, and took  the 'full-bright' off any tropical looking flowering plants. Retexturing the rock to match our sim terrain really helped as well. Adding a few ferns, and more native trees helped to blend the look further, as well as some terrain remodelling.

Without sound though, the cascades felt somewhat odd. Luckily I found some excellent water effects which fitted well, and dug out the ground to make a river where the original falls would have met the sea. The simple sculpty bridges were created from textures we already owned.

Whilst I played with water, Ayesha had found and planted a wonderful grove of trees. So now a neglected corner of our sim feels much more alive and interesting.