Friday, 1 July 2016

Inworldz #nomakeup

Inworldz raspberry crystal picnic island
Picnic Island - Inworldz
Long-time no post...came back from a trip and landed in brexit! Here in the UK we are living in interesting times politically, but enough of that and back to the fun stuff.

I had posted on the Inworldz Forum  that I was having trouble finding skins with no make up, and the amazing Astoria Luminous wrote to let me know she was working on just such a thing, and would I like to try and give feedback. Oh yes!

Inworldz is so big, it isn't surprising that I hadn't yet wandered into AlaZ at Axis Mundi. Astoria asked which of her skins would suit me best and I plumbed for Silvia, which is already so pretty in all the variations so I got to try an early release of the new no make up model, so cool!

Skin vendor Inworldz Alaz
Silvia Crystal at Alaz , Inworldz
The new Crystal variant is fresh faced with no lippy, blusher or eyeliner and is now the skin I wear most often.

 Astoria told me she was considering creating some tattoo layer make-ups as a complement so users can mix and match their look at will. That would be lots of fun.

I'm enjoying taking photos with my new look, and feel more comfortably myself, as in real life I am sensitive to eye make up, and can only wear it for a few hours a week.

Check out the hashtag #nomakeup on twitter for some lovely natural shots of women young and old taking selfies, or read about Alicia Keys and how having photos taken with bare skin helped her confidence.