Monday, 4 July 2016

How to meet other residents in Inworldz

In a previous post I asked why virtual worlds seem so empty to new users, and ended by asking the question 'how do you meet other residents when joining Inworldz?'
Of course everyone will have different ways of going about this, but it can be handy to have some ideas as a starting point so here goes!

1) Login on Sunday

Why? You can maximise your chances of bumping into other residents if you choose peak times to visit. Jim Tarber, Inworldz staff member posted the following on the official forum.
The last time I checked, the peak times for events were usually noon-2pm (probably more 1-2pm) and 5-7pm (again probably more 6-7pm). 
The busiest day is Sunday. Friday, Saturday and especially Sunday. Monday, Tuesday are lighter.
All times are PST. So if you live in California, lunchtime on Sunday is your best bet, for a Euro that equates to Sunday evening.
Inworldz events search

2) Attend events.

Why? Events are special times when residents get together to share an interest, attend a concert, or simply go dancing. This is a great way to meet people. Events are listed via the inworld search facility, and also on the official website.

You can search through different categories and work out what you might fancy.

3) Join Groups

Why?  Groups are created by residents to gather together like-minded people, advertise clubs and generate interest in ongoing activities. Each group has its own chat facility, and many EVENTS will only be advertised within a group, rather than in the official listings. Some groups are busier than others, so keep looking if the first ones you join don't suit.

4) Follow Inworldz specific Social Media

Why? Many residents meet up out of world, and friendships can form by responding to posts, commenting on blogs or posting in the official forum. See this previous post to get some ideas of where you can find Inworldz residents posting online.

Ladyheart Hancroft Inworldz
Friendly Inworldz Mentor Ladyheart Hancroft  at IDI
5) Visit IDI (Inworldz Desert Island)

Why? This sim is the landing point that new residents find when first logging in to their account. There are often groups of residents around helping newcomers, fellow new users getting help, and of course the official volunteer mentors answering questions and chatting to visitors.

6) Use In-world Messaging

Why? Seen a great build and want to let the builder know? Need to ask something technical, or find out about a group or event? IMs are the answer. Friendships often develop from a simple query or genuine compliment.

 Sometimes it can take a bit of courage to step into the unknown, but Inworldz offers you many routes to interact with other residents. Remember, people are friendly and want to help, and everyone was new at one time.