Friday, 22 July 2016

Exploring and Inspiration in Inworldz

Motor Island Inworldz
Motor Island
This has been a very enjoyable week for me in Inworldz.
I took our motor-boat for a spin and explored the south-west corner of the navigable ocean. With its navy training base, ports and car themed motor island, these sims form a wonderful themed corner of our world.

It's satisfying to navigate by map, and arrive as the sun rises, switching off cruise control so I can squeeze into the smaller waterways and watch the water-side world flow by.

Little Big Chapel Path Inworldz
Chapel at Little Big
Further North I discovered the beautifully landscaped Little Big sims, and was touched to find a pretty little chapel which contained a candle burning, dedicated to a resident who was currently unwell. A reminder of the friendships formed here.

Inspired by the naturalistic planting styles, I took Ayesha to visit when we were next in-world together, and she was as impressed as I.

Linked Hearts Inworldz
Tamara's Garden Centre
 at Linked Hearts
We are currently creating a forest walkway on the north side of our sim, and the clever use of focal points, and rich planting at Little Big made us try even harder to create a naturalistic feel in our own home.
This of course led to a fun shopping trip, on this occasion to Tamara's Garden Centre at Linked Hearts.

Here we picked up ruins, a forest path, some lovely and bargain priced grasses, and I kept finding myself nipping back later for 'just one more thing'! While Ayesha couldn't resist a trip to Julia Hathor's Creative Fantasy shop for a beautiful twisted Maple with detailed gnarled bark.

Horse Carriage Inworldz
Testing Arkady's Horse Carriage
Most of my free time was then taken up back home virtual landscaping, and doing my best to make 'sight-lines' along paths to encourage our visitors to wander.

It was just as I was creating a hill-side stream that Arkady Arkright called with a mysterious request for my presence.

Forest Path Inworldz
Landscaping at our Sim
 Soon, I found myself being whisked around a field at a fast trot in a horse-carriage full of giggling avatars. Ark wanted to test the vehicle's behaviour under the stress of multiple occupancy as these were to be a new interactive feature  at the Inworldz newcomer's greet sim, Inworldz Desert Island.

If I can pull myself away from moving plants this way and that, I plan a visit to explore the new features at IDI, including a docks area, allowing new residents the chance to see how our waterways enhance this virtual world.

Have a great weekend!