Thursday, 28 July 2016

Coming Soon "The Great Inworldz Discovery Tour"

inworldz tour
Great Inworldz Discover Tour Map
Trouble Mooncurser is full of great ideas, and the latest seems like an exciting opportunity for residents new and old to discover (or rediscover) our virtual land and waterways. There are hours of fun possible navigating ocean and water routes available in world, but not everyone lives on the waterside, or has a handy boat rezzing space available.

Even those fortunate enough to live in the Magellan cluster, with multiple free rez spots, can find themselves inconvenienced if they venture further afield, and need to re-boot their vehicle for some reason.

There are public places where you can do this, but if you don't know an area or where to find information it can be frustrating, and returning to base is demotivating.

inworldz brewster park
Brewster Park
Great Inworldz Discover Tour
So for new sailors Trouble's new boat rezzers, will really encourage exploration. He's asking sim owners to host these, along with information boards and hopefully some activity or freebies. The idea is that visitors can rez a free boat at any of these locations, and use a tour map to choose their route around the Inworldz ocean, with the ability to rez again and carry on once they have explored a sim.

All the details are described here in an forum post and Trouble already has twenty-one sim owners signed up a month in advance of the September launch date. Check out Trouble Mooncurser's profile picks for a link to the info pack location if you are interested in hosting a tour stopover.