Friday, 3 June 2016

Two avatars, three houses..developing our virtual home.

Breezy Builds in Dyonisos

 I spent a good part of my in world time this week looking at houses. We have a gorgeous cottage created by Leanna Caerndow. This occupies the quietest corner of sim, and faces the void ocean, with swallows dancing the only decor against that big sky.
This corner is my sanctuary, with minimum furniture and a very restful feel.

Ayesha, my sim sharing friend loves the feel of this peaceful retreat, but she has a much more eclectic,
personal decorating style.  Although she really was quite happy camping out among the plywood on our build deck I seemed to feel the need to drag her down to ground level to make a shared den on the more public side of our sim, so she could feel at home there.

 This new house is meant to be a cluttered up space, where we can, hang out, watch the world go by and not feel the need to tidy up every five minutes!

 I had seen a few Breezy Builds houses around the Calia estates, and decided that one of these would do very well, and at the extremely low price of 99$iz it seemed worth a try.

 This build has the dual purpose of being a boathouse, which works very well as this is our closest point to the IW Ocean.

 Ayesha and I had some fun with the furnishings, and we will probably add to it as we go.

 This left me wanting a space as my craft / sewing room, something I would love to have in my home here in the UK, but space doesn't allow for it.

 Hey this is Inworldz, we have a whole sim to play with, why not have a dedicated building? So I raced off to Offbeat Mainstore in Midsommar to pick up the Gardener's Retreat cabin and a few more things besides...oops!

  I'll keep the internal furnishings minimal, to allow camera room, but maybe pick up some themed items as I find them.

 It would be nice to find some suitable ambient sounds also, as these really make a difference. A waterside sewing cabin needs the sound of lapping waves!

 Have a great weekend, whether in world or in RL.