Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Purple is the new black - Shopping and Sewing In Inworldz

Ooh La La Chelsea Boots in Eggplant
OCD Signature Bag Lavender Croc

 In celebration of my new craft and sewing cabin, I have been raiding my inventory for sculpty clothing blanks which have been gathering dust on a virtual shelf for several years.

 I can and do make my own fabric, but as a treat I bought a box of 21 mix and match aubergine patterns from Cupid's huge warehouse stock.
 It was fun to just grab and go, make things for myself, without worrying about stocking a shop.

 This will stretch month's virtual clothing budget, and allowed me to buy mesh accessories, which are beyond my skills to create.

  Ooh La La is one of the premium boutiques which line the pretty streets of The Lanes, a shopping experience very much worth visiting.

Over in Honeywood, OCD, or Oh Cute Designs seem to have a shop full of items I'd like to buy, including some lovely home and garden items.

Not wanting to create an unmanageable mess in my inventory, I'm hoping to stick to a few coordinating colours in separates which can mix and match for different looks.

 My schedule makes it tricky to attend evening and weekend events, so it makes sense to focus on a mix of casual and smart day wear.

I have resolved to throw away any items which don't suit me, or which feel dated, and to make the inventory sorting more enjoyable have been searching out radio shows to listen to while I work.
Fabric: Cupid's Texture - Carried Away

 This DRAX Files podcast about virtual currency had me fascinated. Will we have a global currency for virtual worlds, how could that be managed without a Bitcoin style disaster? Something to ponder.