Thursday, 9 June 2016

Inworldz seo curries and googling necronautics

Finding your way in Inworldz
Looking towards Midgard
  Since re-joining Inworldz after a couple of year's break I've become interested in catching up with with the history of our virtual home, both to fill in the recent gap in my knowledge, and to discover the earlier history of this online platform.

  If google's search engine is to be believed then *this* blog is front page news when using the search term Inworldz. I try to produce an interesting read, but in this case I'm attributing the over helpful 'this is what we think you personally wish to see' functionality for that result. In other words, I doubt very much it is what YOU see when searching the term, maybe your own site instead?

The southernmost tip of the sailable ocean
Jamesport Inworldz
  The official Inworldz website gets a front page feature (in my search), and it is possible that result is not algorithm led, but influenced by a paid google promotion. It is only on page two that I see the first relevant resident blog, and this link is given less priority than a discussion thread on a forum not connected to IW, and an out of date article by a non resident comparing Inworldz with another grid.

  How exasperating! I began to think that fellow IW folks were having so much fun in world that none of them thought to write online before 2016.

  Luckily for me, my asus memo keyboard spell checker is even more 'helpful' than google, and leaps in to change my search terms just after I look away from the type box to check the results. A friend who was interested in the IW furry community asked me some questions I struggled to answer, so I braved google again. Due to the random way these searches are handled it took me a while to note that there was a *curry* theme to the list.
Helpful Mentors at Inworldz Desert island

Inworldz CURRIES!! Stupid bleeping tablet!!!  I was so distracted by composing an imaginary irate email to Asus so it took me a while to realise that this ridiculous search query produced more relevant results than any other combination of keywords I had previously thought of.

 So I tried some more randomish combinations, and to my amazement and delight, a raft of older IW blogs, articles and relevant information surfaced. I even discovered founder Ele's infrequently updated site which held some fascinating insights. Result!

 Of course that blog is easy to find, now I know what I am looking for, but it's the generalised search terms which are so intractable, the most obvious words that a potential new user might try when researching grids.

 Have a great weekend!