Thursday, 5 May 2016

Try Out Free Homes and Shops in Inworldz!

I spotted this on the Inworldz forum this morning, and thought it looked like a great opportunity so I went to check out the sim and took some snaps.
 Would you like to try out life in Inworldz, or maybe have a second home? ** Trouble Mooncurser **  (see note below) is making the generous offer of free rentals in the new town of Batenburg, in the role play Black Powder sea region, set in a sailable ocean.
 With no obligation to join in the role play, you can even try out a free shop rental. This would be a great opportunity to test out a retail business without financial risk.
 Trouble is offering 100 prims for per house, or space for a low lag vendor. The buildings are two storey with nicely designed communal outside space. Check out this forum link for full details.

Or why not go take a look at what is on offer?

**Note: Listed as Trouble Morgan on the forum but you need to contact Trouble Mooncurser in world.