Friday, 13 May 2016

My Avatar Is Me?
  "In a virtual world, you can be anything, or anyone, but you always wind up being yourself." Raspberry 2016.
  It is inspiring to know, or read about people who find that virtual reality enhances their existence, by allowing them to experiment with something outside their normal range of possibilities, and that something becomes a big part of who they are back in their first life!
  Someone I know spent two years as a male avatar, before taking the step towards gender reassignment. Many artists get their first break in virtual reality, whether as a musician or photographer, and then go on to expand that into their non avatar life.
  This can work in the opposite direction. A friend lost her retail business due to the recession, and found she could set up again online with a new venture which utilised her creative talents in a much more satisfying way. She could work from home and came to find that she enjoyed this better than the previous work.
  Friends who in the physical world have difficulty getting around, relish the freedom and equality that their avatar has in meeting and interacting with others. Whereas, some don't feel comfortable of properly themselves unless their disability is made more obvious.
  On a less fundamental level, I'm pretty sure that seeing my slim avatar helped me to shift my perception of being somebody chubby, to someone who could also be skinny. I got so fed up that virtual self could walk into any shop and buy what she liked, and it all fit...whereas in real life I was stuck with what I could find. I solved the dissonance by losing weight.
 Right now, my pixel me and I are having discussions. One one is about shoes. Silly as it might seem, watching my avatar walk in heels made my back twinge. Similarly, those sleeveless tops gave me the shivers.
  She is fighting back with logic. Why was she blonde and I was not? Ok, we'll give it a trial and see how a more matching colour sits (though I really need to add some grey streaks!) Why does she look half my age? Give me a break step at a time!
 One thing is accurate, she lives in a village, or at least a village sized population of virtual people...though to be fair some of them are cats...or tinies..or fairies....or pirates..or other fun things.
 Some things can be play and pretend, but some parts need to feel...real? We'll work it out. She's paid next month's rent on our sim, so we are shopping, and experimenting, and if we get it wrong...hey,there's always another month .

Shopping notes:

Unisex sneakers & socks by Tip Toe
(Custom tinted by Raspberry)

Hair - Sarah in Chestnut by My Pretty Pixels

Jewelry- QT Grey Rainbow Offset  by Quadrapop Tree

Pink jumper, hand knitted in filter forge :)

Shoot Location
Sendalonde Library