Monday, 9 May 2016

Murder Mystery and Beach-Side Fun at Ipo Cove With the Rookery Sci-Fi Role Players

Who dunnit?

   Ipo Cove
 doubled as that fabled leisure planet from the Star Trek universe, Risa. Asked to wear beach clothes, or Star Trek themed clothes, we were greeted with a well populated dance floor on arrival.
  After a few fan based quiz questions thrown into the music mix, the treasure hunt began.
  I was impressed with the thought and organisation that went into this event. The clues were just a little challenging, but not so much as to get frustrating, and  the added murder mystery story theme was a bonus.
  My inventory is bulging with the treasure hunted freebies and I found the event a lot of fun.
  I wish I had more time to talk to the folks in the group as the hour I had available was way too short, but the treasure hunt was a really cool and quick introduction to the beautiful beach themed sim, and I've land-marked a few places to go back and explore.

  The mountain-top tai chi venue at Aloha Island really took my breath away and I scurried back this morning to grab some screenshots ( I had been way too occupied during the event to take any snaps!)

   Ashember Love is the driving force behind the role playing group who normally meet up on their beautifully crafted Star Trek themed builds. You can find out about the group and their regular sessions here; . The group have some wonderful Star Trek themed builds and undertake regular role playing sessions.