Friday, 20 May 2016

Marketplace Buzz Marketplace Under Construction
   Just came back from a family trip to discover a really great buzz developed around the upcoming online marketplace. Wolf Hartnell has opened the site for merchants, and they are busily filling the shelves as I type. Nothing to see for shoppers yet but you can visit the website and investigate the categories.
  Wolf has been obviously touched by the warm and appreciative comments he has received so far, and also been very pleased that merchants have been helping each other get started, so he can get on with sorting out any bugs or necessary tweaks which arise.
Wolf-Tek hub
Dreamcatcher Sim Inworldz
  This new marketplace is completely created by one resident, and isn't an official part of the Inworldz company, though it is obvious that this venture is much supported and appreciated by the founders. The project is a huge achievement for Wolf himself, and for the community at large, as so many residents are supporting this development.
  Check out this forum thread for announcements and information.