Sunday, 29 May 2016

Inworldz on the move.. keeping in touch via tablets and phones

Oztotl East Inworldz
 Like many others, I spend more time on the net using mobile devices than I do on my Inworldz capable pc. So how do you stay in touch while on the move?

 Your first stop could be the official Inworldz website.  Here you can pick up messages, buy currency, organise inventory backups, discover events and many other administrative tasks. The forums are an important part of the website, offering residents the chance to interact, get help, catch up with group news and discover the latest releases by Inworldz creators.

The Lumiya Viewer
  If, like me, you use an android device, then I find Alina Lyvette's Lumiya viewer quite helpful. Currently costing £1.80 in the google play store, this app allows  to log in to a range of virtual worlds. The visuals are limited, but you can reply to messages, teleport, change outfit, interact with objects, pay bills etc. It isn't suitable for exploring, but if you forgot to pay your rent, or need to contact someone urgently it can be a lifesaver!

  Of course you can follow blogs and track and news feeds while out of world, and twitter has a good selection of posters using the #inworldz hashtag, including the founders and staff.
 If you check out my twitter profile and see who I am following that could give you a good start.

Unofficial Inworldz Advertising group on Facebook
 Most social networks will have IW fans, Google+ has some active posters, and of course Facebook has several groups, unofficial as well as the regular company pages.
 One enterprising user has intitiated the InworldArtists group on Deviant Art , and encourages anyone who would like to join up and post there.

 Flickr is a very popular site for all sorts of virtual world image sharing, and Inworldz posters have a choice of groups to join there, from those dedicated to IW alone to wider virtual world image collectives.  I'm told that Instagram have an active group of posters, but I have yet to visit!

  Several large social sites, based around virtual worlds,  have a section dedicated to 'other grids', and members can be helpful, but beware that a certain amount of misinformation, or out of date facts can be posted from users who don't regularly use IW. However, many issues are common to all grids and it can be worth persisting!  Don't forget that viewers such as Firestorm, and Alchemy have their own websites with helpful information (The official IW viewer is based on Alchemy)

 One of my favourite sites when I'm missing my Inworldz home is the IW region map . This map is interactive from my android device, so it can be fun looking for new sims, or plotting my next sea voyage!  The sims are spread out a long way, so keep grabbing and scrolling.  Similarly, is a live updated login screen, where you can see how many avatars are enjoying themselves online while you are stuck in a traffic queue, or doing laundry :D

 I am sure this is not a comprehensive list, and if you have discovered another mobile friendly site please let me know. Comments are welcome.