Tuesday, 24 May 2016

InWorldz Light and Shade

Cruising The Northern Isles of the Magellan
 The default settings for the day and night cycle in classic virtual worlds are 3 hours of daylight then one hour night. The change is gradual, so evenings and sunrise can be very scenic.
  There is nothing better than to pootle around the islands surrounding the Inworldz ocean, and find the sun sinking slowly to create new vistas at each turn.
  Of course you can override the settings in many ways. Under World / Environment Settings / Day Cycle editor it is possible to set the ambience to match the theme of your sim, even having perpetual night, or endless sunset if you like. When visitors arrive they will see your choice instead of the default, but they can change this if they like.

 Outside your own land  the advanced sky editor is most often used for photos. Depending on your viewer the editor comes pre-loaded with a range of different looks. The appearance of the ocean can be changed also, in the advanced water editor. Only you see the changes in this case.
 A keyboard short-cut you may find useful is Ctrl-Shift-Y. This overrides the current settings and activates midday light levels. Very handy for finding your way, or locating lost items.
Animated Particle effects under the sea
 created by Lexxy Moore
 At a recent event, the organiser suggested switching our sky settings to midnight, so we could better enjoy the amazing light show created by Lexxy Moore.

 Light levels can change dramatically, depending on graphics settings.
 Edit / Preferences / Graphics leads to a wealth of options, where you can balance your needs for performance against more advanced rendering techniques, which allow more detail and shadows.
 It is your world, you can choose how you see it! There is something rather wonderful though, about finding the right sim, at the right time of day and resting your virtual feet while gazing at the sparkling reflections on the sea. 
Land's End