Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Finding A Home In Inworldz

  There are a huge variety of builds in Inworldz. Some are function orientated, Inworldz desert Island for example, where new residents land, and are then led through a series of orientation exercises which help anyone unfamiliar with viewer controls navigate and find their inventories.
Inworldz Virtual Beginnings
 Other builds are commercial, designed to be both functional and to provide a shopping experience where the surroundings complement the goods available for purchase. Privately owned or rented plots reflect the needs and desires of their owners. Some are crazy sandboxes full of the latest gadgets, whilst others are tranquil havens.
  Many users prefer the mainland. A series of sims connected by land and water. Whilst others gather together in groups to create their own separate cluster of themed plots. Whatever your need, you can usually find somewhere that suits, even if that means a far away island all by yourself where you can lock yourself away and create whatever you please!
  On our return to virtual life I have found myself drawn towards community groups, where residents choose to live together and agree to stick to certain building codes. For instance, our own sim lies in the Magellan cluster.
  We trade off some of our building freedoms in order to live in a cohesive mini-world, which joins the official sailable Inworldz ocean. This is a compromise we are glad to make, especially after experiences in different virtual worlds, of living next to huge walls, or unsightly glowing towers on neighbouring plots.
Screen capture showing rental box on the Phantom Rose Estate in the Magellan Sea
  The overall Magellan charter requires that we leave room to sail around our island, and in our case create an environment which fits with a temperate theme (other parts of the Magellan sea have alternate themes, such as tropical, pirates or fantasy).

  Further along this controlled environment spectrum are rental plots within larger, owner created estates. These areas feel very restful to me, whatever their theme, as there is so little visual disturbance, and the geography often contains communal areas designed purely for their decorative effect.
The White Hart Inn, Kingswood, Charlesworth Estates
 There really is a huge choice, from the beautiful english country-side themed Charlesworth Estates, to the dramatic sea-scapes of the Shoalwater Estates or the balmy tropical beaches of Calia Estates, and these are just a quick selection from many more.
  Many smaller landlords will just have a few plots for rent, but they can be just as pleasing, especially if connected to to a group you are interested in, or part of a larger themed world such as the many role playing or magical realms.
  If you find the idea of starting from scratch on a bare sim daunting, then why not check out the rental classified section in the Inworldz forum, or just hop around in world and see what you fancy. I have found many cute cottages, or wonderful homes just waiting for the right tenant, it might be you!