Thursday, 28 April 2016

Finding Our Feet

   Ayesha and I are back in Inworldz after a two year break. We began our 'toe-dipping' venture, by renting a 300I'z per week cottage in Diamond Valley, on InWorldz mainland. The exchange rate is $1 for 500I'z, so that is about $0.60, or £0.41 per week.

   This is the prettiest place we have ever lived in virtual space, and with 600prims thrown in made a perfect jumping off point to find our virtual feet again.

   Our landlady, Moonrise Azalee had some perfectly sensible covenants in place to keep the sim in theme, and to give us some extra space to spread out and de-clutter our inventories, we rented an additional 64x32 mixed use plot from Maiyo Ling at ML Estates.
 A couple of build platforms flung up and we were ready to face the clutter (eek!). This cost a very reasonable  275 l'z p/w for 2048sqm-1406 prims.

  The two plots brought our total rental costs to $1.15, £0.79 per week. For this we had one plot of free space to build, mess about and risk rezzing out those mystery poorly named mega prims stuck away in the 'to be sorted folder', plus another plot with a very pretty house and lots of professionally landscaped community space to explore and relax in.

  As a budget hobby we were sorted. I'd even lost my wild shopping urges, and found myself happy to buy a few pieces to compliment my existing stash. For what happened next...I blame the cat. (to be continued in next post)