Friday, 29 April 2016

Feet First

  Currently the thread is fourteen pages long, with many twists and turns. The consensus seems to be, that whilst mesh bodies can be limiting in many ways, if you can deal with the current lack of choice available, then the mesh body adopters feeling is, that avatars just look better.

  Bumpy ankles and wrists, were one of the complaints about the original in-world bodies (both in Inworldz and other grids). In my case, frustration at not being able to find nice casual shoes, led me from Ravage Designs'
                                  lovely thong sandals to the linked shop selling the required mesh "ifeet".

  Fitting was easy, and colour matching was more fuss free than I imagined. While the feet can be matched manually, the hud provides a choice of pre-sets, one of which so exactly matched my Redgrave skin I imagined this was by design. Toe varnish colours are swappable also.

  Happy feet!