Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Rum Do (or the Sassenachs have landed)

   The most I knew about The Isle of Rum, was from a friend who completed his doctorate studying deer control in the surrounding area. I had a vague idea that it was uninhabited, and that properly motivated, a randy stag can swim a heck of a long way, making population control quite a challenge.

  I am now aware that Rum is a Gaelic word, that the Isle has a fancy castle which housed only the second electric lighting scheme fitted in Scotland, and that the wildlife, plant ecology and general landscape are quite difficult to reproduce given the content currently available in the virtual world community.

  Yes folks, we rented an Island, and I've decided to be less fussy, and a daisy is a daisy whatever it's exact latin name happens to be. I can only apologise to any Scottish Island residents who would like to see their landscape meticulously reproduced.

  Having let go of my anxiety driven literalism, brought on  'new sim whatarewegoingtowithititus' we are having much 'Scottishifying' whatever we can find that feels right and looks pleasing.

  I can leap from my cabin, throw the cat* in the water, and buzz around for hours if I choose to do so. Yeah for Inworldz, yeah for the Magellan sailing community, and double yeah with cream and a cherry on the top for Ayesha and her enthusiasm in sharing this with me (even when she is ejected at high speed on a sim crossing because she shuffles about in the boat...keep still woman!)

* not a real, or even a virtually real cat, see previous post for details