Friday, 29 April 2016

Feet First

  Currently the thread is fourteen pages long, with many twists and turns. The consensus seems to be, that whilst mesh bodies can be limiting in many ways, if you can deal with the current lack of choice available, then the mesh body adopters feeling is, that avatars just look better.

  Bumpy ankles and wrists, were one of the complaints about the original in-world bodies (both in Inworldz and other grids). In my case, frustration at not being able to find nice casual shoes, led me from Ravage Designs'
                                  lovely thong sandals to the linked shop selling the required mesh "ifeet".

  Fitting was easy, and colour matching was more fuss free than I imagined. While the feet can be matched manually, the hud provides a choice of pre-sets, one of which so exactly matched my Redgrave skin I imagined this was by design. Toe varnish colours are swappable also.

  Happy feet!


Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Rum Do (or the Sassenachs have landed)

   The most I knew about The Isle of Rum, was from a friend who completed his doctorate studying deer control in the surrounding area. I had a vague idea that it was uninhabited, and that properly motivated, a randy stag can swim a heck of a long way, making population control quite a challenge.

  I am now aware that Rum is a Gaelic word, that the Isle has a fancy castle which housed only the second electric lighting scheme fitted in Scotland, and that the wildlife, plant ecology and general landscape are quite difficult to reproduce given the content currently available in the virtual world community.

  Yes folks, we rented an Island, and I've decided to be less fussy, and a daisy is a daisy whatever it's exact latin name happens to be. I can only apologise to any Scottish Island residents who would like to see their landscape meticulously reproduced.

  Having let go of my anxiety driven literalism, brought on  'new sim whatarewegoingtowithititus' we are having much 'Scottishifying' whatever we can find that feels right and looks pleasing.

  I can leap from my cabin, throw the cat* in the water, and buzz around for hours if I choose to do so. Yeah for Inworldz, yeah for the Magellan sailing community, and double yeah with cream and a cherry on the top for Ayesha and her enthusiasm in sharing this with me (even when she is ejected at high speed on a sim crossing because she shuffles about in the boat...keep still woman!)

* not a real, or even a virtually real cat, see previous post for details

Blaming the Cat

   Cats get a lot of bad press, but people still like them, despite of, or maybe because of their independent ways. Quite capable of being immensely cute, or impossible and generally taking over your life.

  Most cats are conservative in their colour scheme. A tasteful cream or tabby, maybe an excursion into black, or ginger. Whatever their livery, or character, they usually avoid throwing your friends into the ocean, or running home from an outing at light speed, and then lurking around the neighbourhood whilst being very stubbornly the wrongest and most eye-blasting of colours.

  I have yet to hear of a cat that will lull you into a false sense of security*, then fling you mercilessly into the realms of a naturist vampire. One who discourages visitors, with prejudice.
  Yes, cats have their place, but they can be quite slow, even wind assisted. They land on their feet, most of the time, but sometimes, half upside down on a just more fun.

  I looked at other vessels, and engines have their charms, especially when you just want to go somewhere, but I found myself revisiting her imperial lurid green-ness until finally the Izzies were out of my pocket and I was a boat owner.

  Which brings us to Catamaran 2.18, by Kayaker Magic. I thought it might be fun do a bit of sailing, what with all that virtual ocean out there on our doorstep. Oh boy, I didn't realise quite how much. The satisfaction of catching a virtual wind and picking up speed, of learning to rig the sails to navigate narrow channels and explore far-flung virtual lands.

  The Cat herself, didn't cost that much, but my shoes didn't match the boat...and eventually neither did our exquisitely themed rental plot. So we moved....(continued in next post)

* This Catamaran is actually quite easy to use, just sit and go if you like, and I have only encountered one security orb while sailing so far, and this was at the edge of the sailable ocean when I strayed into someone's home plot by accident. The boat has a safe setting which allows the user to stay in official (wide) waters and reduces the challenges.
If you haven't sailed virtually before (like me) then you need to know that you can cheat and change the wind direction if you become becalmed or stuck.

Finding Our Feet

   Ayesha and I are back in Inworldz after a two year break. We began our 'toe-dipping' venture, by renting a 300I'z per week cottage in Diamond Valley, on InWorldz mainland. The exchange rate is $1 for 500I'z, so that is about $0.60, or £0.41 per week.

   This is the prettiest place we have ever lived in virtual space, and with 600prims thrown in made a perfect jumping off point to find our virtual feet again.

   Our landlady, Moonrise Azalee had some perfectly sensible covenants in place to keep the sim in theme, and to give us some extra space to spread out and de-clutter our inventories, we rented an additional 64x32 mixed use plot from Maiyo Ling at ML Estates.
 A couple of build platforms flung up and we were ready to face the clutter (eek!). This cost a very reasonable  275 l'z p/w for 2048sqm-1406 prims.

  The two plots brought our total rental costs to $1.15, £0.79 per week. For this we had one plot of free space to build, mess about and risk rezzing out those mystery poorly named mega prims stuck away in the 'to be sorted folder', plus another plot with a very pretty house and lots of professionally landscaped community space to explore and relax in.

  As a budget hobby we were sorted. I'd even lost my wild shopping urges, and found myself happy to buy a few pieces to compliment my existing stash. For what happened next...I blame the cat. (to be continued in next post)