Sunday, 23 October 2016

Moving Home

cottage Inworldz
Our New Home on the Charlesworth Estates
Long time no blog! Ayesha and I picked a bad time to move our virtual home, as we haven't had time at all to look at the wonderful Fall Fest Sims enhancing Inworldz at the moment. Luckily there is a little more time left to see everything.

As is often the case, real life and virtual are connected, and a change of finances meant we had to think hard about our spending limits inworld. I was off on a trip with my family, and Ayesha had a busy few weeks coming up, so the sensible idea, was to give notice on our sim rental, and sort out a smaller alternative when we'd had more time to think.

That was the logical plan. Again, the connections between real and virtual emerged, this time on an emotional level. Half an hour before I had to log off my pc, pre-trip, I found myself flying like a crazy woman round a half rezzing world, suddenly desperate to put down roots again. Too many changes, too quickly and I needed a home!

Ayesha was asleep half way round the world, and discussion was impossible. Then I remembered the beautiful cottages at Monkswood I visited back in May . Part of the Charlesworth Estates, many plots were cute wee cottages, offering budget rentals. I skipped down south, only to find that the sim was under redevelopment and was now underwater, oh no!

charlesworth estates, Inworldz
Old furniture, new home!
Then I spotted one of the cute cottage designs that I remembered, tucked away on the corner of a nearby Island. With only ten minutes to my deadline, I sent a message and was lucky enough to catch landlady, Cherry, just as she logged in. "Don't worry it's yours!"

 I have never felt so relieved to hit 'Set Home to Here'. Later that day I got a message via my tablet that Ayesha loved the new place, and had also set her home. Despite both our very sensible plans she was also relieved to have somewhere to belong. Phew!

Our previous sim, the Isle of Rum is currently available for rental . It is a lovely spot, with a great Landlord and friendly neighbours, and access via Magellan waters to the IW ocean, so great for sailors. It has been sad to leave, and we hope someone will enjoy the spot as much as we have.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Virtual horse riding in Inworldz

Inworldz horse riding
Yaquina Bay Inworldz
 I have been meaning to try virtual horse riding ever since rejoining Inworldz, especially as many sims advertise bridleways open to visitors.

 Unlike many vehicles, horses are a 'wearable'. This means you don't need rezzing rights, and can ride anywhere you might walk, which makes this hobby very flexible.

I chose a John Mahogany creation from Shenandoah-Wildlife&Fisheries. I'm not sure why for an english woman, but the western equipped saddle version felt appealing.

Inworldz horse
Our home the Isle of Rum Inworldz
 This horse comes with the name Joker, but I'm calling him Erasmus! Virtual animals of all kinds are very popular in Inworldz, from leaping dolphins to fireside kitties, another way to spark your imagination. Especially, if like me, life in a real saddle feels a bit too bumpy these days.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Inworldz photography, both challenging and fun

trees fairy inworldz
Connemara Inworldz
One of my favourite relaxing activities inworld is to hop from sim to sim looking for photo opportunities. It's interesting how some owner's designs are much easier to capture in 2D than others.

For instance I really love forested sims, with winding paths and surprises round each corner, but I find these particularly difficult to photograph. Some of this is due to technical limitations. It's hard to show small differences in depth, so a tree 10m away will blend into another which is much closer, and the resulting shot simply looks like a mass of leaves.

Advanced sky editor
One of the visual signs within real world scenes, which gives us clues about depth is colour saturation. More distant objects become bluer and less coloured as the light passes through the air in the atmosphere to reach the eye. This varies with weather and light levels, something which can be faked to a degree by tweaking the haze settings in the advanced sky editor. (find this under world/environment settings) but this has its limitations and doesn't work well for short distances.

The image at the head of this article was taken in a photo booth, which had a real world wrap around image to simulate a sunlit forest scene. Sun rays as shown here are not naturally possible within IW, but clever creators can fake this effect using semi-transparent animated cones, even swapping to a bluer moonlight tone for night-time.

All these differences make virtual photography an interesting challenge, and a fun and satisfying part of my Inworldz experience. Some days, when taking real life photos I miss being able to move the sun just a little to the left!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Back in Inworldz after soaking my monitor!

pirate inworldz
Wyre Islands Inworldz
Last week I clumsily tipped a glass of water over my pc unit. Thankfully the tower unit stayed dry, the keyboard was soaked, but perversely seems to be working better now. Several sticky keys have unstuck :)

My monitor did not prosper though, despite surviving for a day after the incident. Maybe some water worked itself into the power switch.

Ebay to the rescue! It is always a concern buying used technology, but my new screen eventually arrived, and after working through the menus, and switching away from the glarey purple colour scheme preferred by previous owner, I am back inworld, and very grateful for that!

Swamp Inworldz
Wyre Islands Inworldz
I quickly celebrated by indulging in an afternoon of Island hopping, winding up in the beautiful pirate themed Wyre Islands to the North of Inworldz's navigable ocean.

Monday, 15 August 2016

My first inIW Marketplace buy for Inworldz, and it was easy!

inIW marketplace Inworldz
Marketplace product page
My first marketplace buy, and it was easy! (see my previous marketplace post and more info  here)

First I had to visit an inIW terminal in-world, create an account, verify it on the online marketplace, then deposit some money in the in-world terminal so I could make my purchase.

Wolf has added some useful search filters. I fancied an old style, non mesh complete outfit, for a female avatar, and it was a simple task to narrow down the clothing available and add to my basket.

inIW terminal Inworldz
inIW terminal
As a first try out I just put enough in my account to buy the outfit, but it would be even quicker if I had left a surplus to spend later.

You can call me impressed! I received a box in my inventory almost immediately, and this was unpacked and tried on in no time.

The outfit matched the photo and description, and was made by Sophia Larkspur, a creator whose store, 'Sophia Fashion' I hadn't yet discovered.

The complementary jewellery set was a real bonus and such good value for a complete look.

Inworldz purple outfit
Wearing my new outfit at Artworldz Inworldz
Marketplace listings include a teleport to store option, so I tpd over to have a look at the full range, and was very tempted by some cute swimming outfits.

You need the official viewer to get a one-step tp from a web-link, but you can simply use the inworld search box instead, once you know the store name you are looking for.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Busy doing nothing in Inworldz

Inworldz shoreline
Aussie Gyrl Sim Inworldz
There are so many activities available in virtual worlds, and I believe the enduring appeal for many is having several parallel interests, and switching between these as the mood takes. It can be a very busy virtual life!

However, it is therapeutic at times, to put away my own projects, sit back and simply revel in the creativity of others.

The peace and calm of standing to watch the clouds go by, see light sparkling on waves in the ocean, or taking time to see the sun set are simple pleasures.

Inworldz lake
Aussie Gyrl Sim Inworldz
I can be fascinated by a flutter of butterflies, or the movement of shadows beneath a tree.

When real life is stressful, or overwhelming, the tranquility of a deserted beach, and sound of gulls provides a safe space to escape, and simply be.

Inworldz is a sandbox world, no imposed schedules or tasks you must complete, and for many, like me, the ability just to sit and enjoy, is the best freedom of all.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Spot the difference, Inworldz

Inworldz view
View from cottage a few weeks ago
Inworldz view
View from cottage today
Inworldz Map
Inworldz Map Section Aug 2016
Spot the difference? Yes more new neighbours! A little bit of Cornwall has sailed up and docked near our Scottish Isle.
Of course in Magellan extra sims means extra places to sail, and as one of the incoming sims is a water scenic this is bound to make the locals smile.

The view-shots are taken looking in the direction of the red arrow from our home sim, the Isle of Rum.

Although many residents miss Indy's place, which was a grandfathered sim present since the very early days of this world, now that Indy Bluebird has moved on the space has infilled very quickly, and with many more sims.

We avatars love living near the navigable ocean!

The local changes affect us most of course, but I almost feel as if I can hear the sim city hammer and saw build sound effects as I tour around these days. If you haven't visited in a while check out the developing mainland builds, and of course the wonderful new docks and interactive features at Inworldz Desert island, including the horse drawn carriages we got to test earlier!
Inworldz IDI carriage ride
Inworldz IDI Carriage Ride